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A special invite to Senior Pastors and Campus Pastors...

Children’s Ministry can often be the most overlooked and underfunded ministry in our churches. As long as enough volunteers show up each week and the children head to another room while we preach God’s word everything is great. But here is what we’ve learned about families today – parents often value their kids’ experiences more than their own and will connect to a community of faith where their kids LOVE IT!

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We have discovered that an effective, engaging experience for children is not only catalytic for spiritual growth of the children but will keep adding young families with children to the church. Children’s ministry cannot be an out-of-sight out-of-mind ministry. For the last two years at Elements Conference one of the recurring questions we have been asked by attending delegates is, ‘how can we get our church leadership to invest in the Children’s Ministry?’ That’s is why we’re inviting Senior Pastors to attend Elements Conference with members of their Children’s Ministry team this coming June.

We want to share our story at Milton Keynes Christian Centre, and walk through the critical elements to building a thriving children’s ministry that cannot afford to be ignored:

Message from Mark Sherratt

I would love to invite you as my guest. The day will be free to you. All you need to do is to bring at least one member of your ministry team with you to Elements on Saturday 9th June. We have a great programme for your team.

You will attend a couple of keynote sessions with them but will spend the rest of the day with me and a few of the team at Milton Keynes Christian Centre.

Limited spaces

We really want to be able to engage in a conversation together, to help us all to leave with practical next steps for our own unique church. To assist with this, we are limiting the spaces available to 25. We look forward to meeting you and starting the conversation on how we as senior & campus pastors can help in reaching the next generation of church leaders.

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